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You can save some time and set up your websi­te on a popu­lar all-in-1. Unfor­tu­na­te­ly, this time will be taken away from your custo­mers. 1 second per click to be exact. Not much, but you have to click aro­und 60 times to brow­se home, offer, and port­fo­lio page. With opti­mi­sa­tion and a new engi­ne, users do not wait addi­tio­nal 60 seconds. 

If you are in a rush for a meeting and need cle­ar data or in a disrup­ted 3G on a tra­in con­nec­tion try­ing to finish rese­arch for an offer, then this small chan­ge beco­mes an impor­tant one. Eve­ry kilo­by­te matters.

Click on a devi­ce to simu­la­te loading speed


Opti­mi­sa­tion algo­ri­thm cares abo­ut the amo­unt of data trans­fer. Eve­ry part of a websi­te like pic­tu­res, con­tent and code is opti­mi­sed befo­re sen­ding it to end user. This deter­mi­nes page loading time and respon­si­ve­ness. The dif­fe­ren­ce betwe­en a jpg pic­tu­re taken on your pho­ne and its opti­mi­sed equ­iva­lent may reach up to 70% in size. Websi­te codes and data­ba­se requ­ests are com­pres­sed. Becau­se of this you can save up to 75% data trans­fer. All tho­se trans­fer savings happen eve­ry time page is refreshed whi­le brow­sing your website.

Smart downloading

Pro­gres­si­ve algo­ri­thm is in char­ge of serving user’s devi­ce with only new and rele­vant infor­ma­tion. It deter­mi­nes dimen­sions and quali­ty of ima­ges sent to your client’s devi­ce. Pic­tu­res are shar­pened after resi­zing. Algo­ri­thm divi­des page into parts and loads only the first one to show the welco­me scre­en. Then it waits for your action — either scroll, click or hover — and loads the next part of data accor­din­g to the desti­na­tion devi­ce. No refresh is needed, it hap­pens live. Becau­se of that loading new sec­tion uses up to 60% less data trans­fer. Big scre­en users will rece­ive high reso­lu­tion images.

Click on a devi­ce to simu­la­te loading time on 3G network

Text formatting

Typo­gra­phy algo­ri­thm takes care of the text con­tent as if type­set­ter would do. It ana­ly­zes the text befo­re sen­ding it to user’s brow­ser and divi­des words into syl­la­bles to assu­re pro­per­ hyphening in over 50 lan­gu­ages. It makes sure no sin­gle let­ter is left on the end of a line, chan­ges double spa­ces into sin­gle ones, for­ces using pro­per quote marks and many more. This is why you can focus on meaning and sty­le whi­le engi­ne monitores tech­ni­cal aspects automagically.

Content management

Our sys­tem cares abo­ut your sani­ty — all chan­ges are auto saved (instan­tly!) after you edit a field — no need for refresh or fil­ling out miles long forms. This is why you would not loose any data even if your devi­ce fails. CMS pro­vi­des abi­li­ty to con­trol of all con­tent on your websi­te, eg. edi­ting texts, uplo­ad pic­tu­res and vide­os, post from com­pu­ter or mobi­le. All uplo­aded data is opti­mi­sed befo­re sho­wing it on your website.


Less data trans­fer and smart down­lo­ading result in ener­gy savings both for your server and user’s devi­ce. Par­ti­tio­ning data and sen­ding it in pac­ka­ges tailo­red for user’s actions and devi­ce mini­mi­zes bat­te­ry dra­in. Using our engi­ne for your websi­te will like­ly fit into server trans­fer limits and you would not have to pay more for hosting. Users who browse your websi­te will pay less for ope­ning it and will also get data faster. Even if fast LTE inter­net is not ava­ila­ble our engi­ne works smo­oth­ly on the 3G and 2G con­nec­tion. We might not chan­ge the world at once, but with eve­ry pro­ject we publi­sh, we’re get­ting clo­ser. Make your websi­te eco friendly.

Modern and classic

We pro­vi­de cut­ting edge tech­no­lo­gy solu­tions whi­le keeping in mind the older devi­ces. Our engi­ne uses pro­gres­si­ve enhan­ce­ment and will pro­vi­de a kind of tech your devi­ce can han­dle. We guaran­tee 6 years bac­kward compatibility.

Imple­men­ting dyna­mic AJAX / JSON / PHP tech­no­lo­gy allo­ws sequ­en­tial loading. Even on low ban­dwidth your websi­te will show up in abo­ut 1 second and all rele­vant data in abo­ut 3 seconds. Scrol­ling your websi­te will trig­ger new data loading witho­ut the need to refresh and repe­ate­dly down­lo­ad page fra­me­work and headers.

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