We cre­ate visu­al content

Instant photography

There’s an event planned. It has to be on facebook, insta and other social media and you have to publish it right away. We provide service to shoot both reportage on location and product oriented. You can get photos just after photo session ends. With wireless connected camera you can have photos on your mobile to publish them hot. We plan FB posts in a cooperation with you. When you will rest after the shoot all content will be ready to click publish’.

Transmission / Live

Short movies like invitation for events, information video, promo, follow-up. We create content together. We provide simple or advanced video setup. Camera, set, live! on your social media. 


We pro­vi­de pre­pro­duc­tion, script, set design, edi­ting, post­pro­duc­tion of short movies. It might be event video, a series of inte­rvies, pro­mo clip, an ad or user manual.


Clas­sic pho­to ses­sion. Out­do­or, stu­dio, on loca­tion, at your company\‘s HQ. Post­pro­duc­tion included.

Project design & DTP

We will cre­ate a new brand iden­ti­ty or extend the one you alre­ady have. Design of press ad, bil­l­bo­ard, new poster cam­pa­ign, maga­zi­ne and book, fly­ers, invi­ta­tion. We help with prin­ting pro­cess both in coope­ra­tion with client and prin­ting com­pa­ny or pro­vi­de all in one service.

Theatre visuals

We like to create interactive scenography elements for 21 century theatre. In cooperation with director or set designer we will provide visual art form, which could become additional role in a play.

Payments options

You can pay instan­tly for instant servi­ces using paypass.

We pro­vi­de advan­ced mini­ma­lism for smo­oth communication.

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